A New Current

We are surrounded by a plethora of smart devices nowadays,
yet the way we connect them to power seems almost primitive.
We believe that the next generation of sockets must be portable,
modular and smart.

This is our vision.

"This flexible power supply strip contributes to solving the question of
how to get electricity to where you need it in the office or home.
High-quality materials and nearly invisible joints mark this product.
An ideal cable management system allows short cable lengths."

Designed by Jacob Jensen.

Jacob Jensen Design is characterized by a homogenous and easily recognisable
form language and design philosophy that embraces distance, closeness and touch.
Ever since their first distinction in 1949, Jacob Jensen Design has remained a
highly awarded design studio and is represented at museums all over the world.

(Exterior Design: Jacob Jensen; Structural/Electrical Circuits Design: Shanutec)

Flexible Electricity

Sockets simply click onto the track, allowing users to get access to
electricity at any location. Modules on the track can be moved and
expanded to fit the ideal scenario of the user, changing the way we
connect to power. A line of smart home devices will also be adapted
to the track system.

Gracefully Thin

The aluminium exterior is anodized and sandblasted to achieve an exquisite finish.
Together with our patented technology, it allows us to make the track as thin as possible for a sleek aesthetic that fits in any environment.

Always Connected

Available on iOS and Android.

Modular. Smart.

The track can be either mounted as wall skirting, clamped to the end of a desk,
or configured to run parallel on top of a conference table. VISION embodies
the new possibilities in smart technology and interior design, for human habits no longer have to be dictated by construction constraints. The track can be either mounted as wall skirting, clamped to the end of a desk, or combined to run parallel on top of a conference table.


The fabric pouch takes cable management even further.
An unobtrusive space to sufficiently fit all of your chargers
and cables in order to keep your desk clean and organized.

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